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A+ Certificate of Creditworthiness

New Trend receives Top Creditworthiness Certificate with A+ Ranking for 2023

A+ Certificate of Creditworthiness

New Trend dooel, a leading player in the business world, has achieved an impressive feat by receiving the respected Certificate of Creditworthiness with an A+ ranking for the year 2023. The certificate, awarded by CompanyWall Ltd., serves as proof of the company's strong financial stability and consistent operational performance, confirming its position as a prime example of creditworthiness in North Macedonia.

The highest valued A+ ranking demonstrates New Trend strong commitment to excellence across different financial and operational measures. This recognition places the company at the highest point of creditworthiness, highlighting its flawless track record in meeting all necessary criteria and standards required for such an accomplishment.

"We are very happy to receive the A+ Certificate of Creditworthiness for the year 2023. This achievement shows our dedication to maintaining a strong financial position and being transparent," said Suzanka Angelova, the CEO of the company. "We appreciate the trust our stakeholders have in us, and this achievement motivates us to keep delivering excellent results."

The Certificate of Creditworthiness with an A+ ranking not only strengthens New Trend dooel's reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business but also showcases its positive contribution to North Macedonia's economy. As the company continues to move forward, this recognition is set to be a base for even greater achievements in the future.

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